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My name is Horst Walther. I am the managing director of the SiG Software Integration GmbH in Hamburg and member of the London based Synogis Ltd. trading as Synatus. I successfully operate as an Interim Manager and Management Consultant for 30 years. I focus on …

    Interim & Turnaround management,
    Due diligence-audits and assessments of IT-shops and
    Strategy & IT-strategy developments & assessments.


I completed my studies in chemistry, oriental studies  , computer science and economics at the University of Hamburg. I received a diploma in chemistry delivering a diploma thesis on a physico-chemical topic. I submitted a doctoral thesis on a subject from theoretical chemistry and was awarded with excellence to become a doctor rer. nat. Additional subjects of my doctoral examination were computer science and technical chemistry. ()


Since 1975 I work as an information technology professional. From 1984 onwards I was successfully acting as a Management Consultant in the sectors public transport, automotive, chemistry, pharmaceutics, shipping and banks, insurances and other financial institutions. Recently my focus was on retail, corporate and investment banking.

I successfully contributed to several projects predominately in a leading position …

special skills

I have acquired special professional skills in …


Additionally I published several professional papers.

I am the founder of the corporate culture institute in Vienna, member of the PMI (Project Management Institute), affiliate Member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), member of the PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers International Association), member of the GI (Gesellschaft for Informatik), the DASMA (Deutschsprachige Anwendergruppe for Software-Metrik and Aufwandschätzung e.V.). In 2016 I was nominated as an United Nations Commissioner by the diplomatic council. In 2006 I founded GenericIAM, a not-for-profit initiative for the definition of generic processes for the Identity- & Access Management.

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Dr. Horst Walther
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