Dr. Horst Walther>

personal data …

school …

1958 - 1962 primary school in Mevenstedt, district Osterholz and in Zeven, district Bremervörde,
1962 - 1970 St. Viti high school in Zeven
1970-05-22 Abitur (German university entrance qualification) (natural science branch)

studies …

1970 - 1978 studies of chemistry at the university of Hamburg
1973-12-19 pre-diploma in chemistry
1978-03-06 Diploma in chemistry with a topic of the thesis from physical chemistry.
1972 - 1982 attending courses of the university data center and the department of computer science.
1973 - 1975 attending courses in macroeconomics.
1977 - 1982 oriental studies in parallel to the main courses
1984-01-24 graduation to become a doctor of natural science on a topic of the thesis from inorganic chemistry and the by-subjects technical chemistry and computer science

professional stages …

since 2017 Principal of the Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute) - a global Think Tank and UN registered NGO.
2010 - 2017 Partner of Synatus, Ltd. - a virtual group of senior consultants, interim managers and trainers, who are recognised as experts in their fields.
since 2010 VP Business Development of Pacific Propellants, Inc. - an innovative bio refinary start-up company.
since 1997 Managing Director of the SiG Software Integration GmbH - technical due diligence, IT-strategy, agile project management, interim management.
since 1993 Freelanced business advisor - except for the SiG Software Integration GmbH also for the agens Consulting GmbH, the St. Gallen Consulting Group and past their acquisition by Mercer, Oliver Wyman and occasionally for the  Project Consult GmbH in Hamburg.
2005 - 2017 Partner of Kuppinger, Cole + Partner - Identity & Access Management - market analysis, strategic consulting, vendor selection and project management.
2005 - 2014 Member of VCB & Company LLP. - Project Monitoring and Management of runaway projects.
1993 - 1997 Leading consultant of the agens Consulting GmbH in Ellerau near Hamburg. With focus on software development and it strategy for banks and insurance comanpies.
1991 - 1992 Leading the department of Methods & Standards of the GENESiS Hardware Software Consulting Ges.m.H. (now UNIQUARE, in Krumpendorf at lake Wörthersee / Austria. Introduction and fine tuning of a software development process, creation of the software platform for the 90ies, pre-sales support. Subsequently leading the business line 'Leasing' of the Fa. GENESiS managing 2 large and innovative projects
1990 Manager at the Treuverkehr AG (later renamed to KPMG Deutsche Treuhand Unternehmensberatung GmbH, afterwards KPMG Consulting (now BearingPoint GmbH) and at Nolan Norton & Co. in Frankfurt/Main (the former Dutch subsidiary still exits). Establishing trainings in methods- und CASE tools, corporate assessments, enterprise modelling, IT-strategy consulting.
1989 Supervising Consultant of the Price Waterhouse Unternehmensberatung GmbH in Frankfurt/Main (later merged with with Coopers & Lybrand and subsequently sold to IBM and merged with IBM Business Consulting Services). Responsible for Methods and Tools.
1988 Establishing and leading the department it coordination at the Grünenthal GmbH, in Aachen. Conceptual design of the use of information technology in the R&D department, coordinating the interests of users, central it and external resources.
1985 - 1987 Establishing and leading the Mini/Micro department for the ACS Systemberatung GmbH (formerly Hapag-Lloyd-Systemberatung): analysis methodologies, systems analysis, consulting, client-server software development.
1984 IT consultant at the Hapag-Lloyd-Systemberatung in Hamburg (later renamed to ACS and subsequently acquired by the GFT Technologies AG), contributing to the creation of the companies first large dialogue applications (using MVS-XA, IMS DB/DC, ADF II, COBOL, PL/I).
1983 Free lanced member of the institute inorganic chemistry working on high temperature photo electron spectroscopy, measurements, creation and maintenance of program packages
1982 Scientific assistant for the basic practical lab course of inorganic chemistry, organisation, seminars and colloquia
1981 scientific assistant for the advanced practical lab course of inorganic chemistry.
1980 Works in the field of homogeneous catalysis (inorganic chemistry), creation and maintenance of program packages
1979 Porting a huge program package for quantum mechanical calculations following the self consistent field-Xa scattered wave-Methode (SCF-Xa-SW-Methodology) from an IBM computer (IBM 360/91) to a Telefunken computer (TR440), installation and deployment
1978 Scientific assistant for the basic practical lab course in physico-chemistry, education of apprentices, seminars and colloquia
Horst Walther, Hamburg